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This is a blog for people who love to eat but have trouble swallowing. Mostly, these will be people whose problems have been called dysphagia by specialists. They’ve been told that they must have liquids that are thickened and foods that are thick and smooth, without any loose food particles (such as seeds or skins from fruit) that might be aspirated. Aspiration means that the food goes down the “wrong tube”–it goes into the airway and then into the lungs rather than down the throat and into the stomach.   Dysphagia has many causes and if you click here: http://www.dysphagia.com you can read about them.

Thickened foods are safer, as a rule, for people with dysphagia. So the recipes on this blog specify ways to thicken. Naturally. That is, without commercial thickeners, products that are sold specifically to thicken foods or products that are themselves already thickened by these thickeners.








What I hope to show here is that there is a wide variety of delicious foods that can be prepared with “ordinary” kitchen products that are safe to swallow for most people with dysphagia. And, as an extra bonus, these are often foods that are called comfort foods and are loved by one and all. Of course, comfort food varies by culture and this blog hopes to include recipes from a variety of cultures








But..what if you can’t cook? Don’t know the first thing about it? Well, it is possible to find plenty of nutritious foods in the supermarket  or the local deli all ready to eat, or if not completely ready, only needing a few additions to make it good and safe to swallow.




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